Man Pasand Supermarket - Best Indian Supermarket in Austin, TX.
13945 N Hwy -183, Suite C-89, Austin, 78717.


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Ashirwad Flour (Aata)


transparent limes
Juicy Limes

Pick 25 for just $1.00


Pick each for only $1.29


Grab them while the season lasts. Box for $6.99


From Indian groceries to Indian Apparel and Jewelery, we have everything that makes you feel HOME!


Every day we bring fresh vegetables and fruits.

Fresh Juicy Limes

Beat the heat with fresh squeezed Lime drink. Pick 25 fresh juicy limes for just $1.00

Sweet Mangoes

Enjoy your mango shake, in a salsa or simply sliced , enjoy the sweet flavors of these seasonal mangoes! A box for only $6.99

At Man Pasand, we have the largest collection of all kinds of Flour (Aata) and Rice

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  • - Ajay S -

    With the Indian crowd growing in north austin, this new branch of man pasand is a nice welcome. This one is a big store and they had most of the Indian grocery items, which are hard to find in Gandhi or KP/Taj.
    They give bags unlike other Indian stores selling the bags. Only issue I had was to wait at the cash counter for few minutes.

  • - Phillip B -

    This is a big Indian Grocery Store. It is in The Hub Strip Center with Muangthai and Fast Eddies.  Lots of selections including fresh produce. Prices are reasonable and there’s one section not yet completed. I hope they use that spot for a small kitchen.   The place is clean and conveniently laid out with trinkets and produce along the back wall and frozen/refrigerated and dry goods filling the shelves in the middle of the floor.   This is a nice find for this area.

  • - Ravi C -

    I loved it! I made it my destination for Indian grocery. The prices are competitive, the vegetables are fresh and produce department is well managed. I hope these guys flourish. I want to see this creating a race towards better Indian grocery stores across Austin.

  • - Beth K -

    Found great produce and awesome facial products!!!